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2014 Supplier Satisfaction Survey

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Topline report and Comprehensive report tailored for your company are available upon request. Please contact David Parnham at david@pulseplus.com.au or 0423 200 206.


If it is industry data you are after, the Services provided by Pulse Plus can meet your information needs.

Pulse Plus can provide the detailed information that you need through our Independent Pulse, Small Business Pulse, Café Pulse, Convenience Pulse, InPharmacy and ImPulse surveys. With many years in research in selected channels and with groundbreaking new areas of focus, Pulse Plus is the obvious choice for industry data.

We continuously present to key suppliers in the industry and receive very positive results after each presentation. All Top-Line presentations are complimentary. If your organization features prominently in the survey results, it provides invaluable benchmarking information for you against your competitors. This is a great tool for obtaining the ‘real’ information on what your customers want, what’s important to them, how often they want to see you and how they view you and your business and also enables you to provide valuable methodologies to streamline your operation. If your organisation does not feature in the survey results, what can be learned from the information gathered from your competitor’s performance?

Through our supporting magazine partners, we publish Top-Line results annually, keeping the respondents informed of their industry’s results and simultaneously maintaining our openness and integrity with them. The evidence of this is the ever increasing number of respondents that complete our Surveys each year.

Pulse Plus maintains its independence throughout by funding the entire process. It is with this independence, that respondents feel greater comfort levels in providing their true and honest opinions and feedback, something that suppliers from all channels value highly. Independent strength through Independent knowledge.

With our experience over many years, Pulse Plus is able also to provide tailor-made surveys and questionnaires to organisations that seek to find out specific information or problems with their service, levels of satisfaction, corporate strategy or even products.

We also welcome any opportunity to assist organisations lift their Industry relationships via our annual research and thus add value to your their stakeholder management. If you are having a National Sales Conference in the near future, we would welcome the opportunity to present the results to the team, as we have done many in the past to many of our clients. This service is provided to all clients and we have assisted many of top FMCG companies to improve their in field service excellence during their annual conferences, particularly with the development of sales rep workshops, group breakout sessions or by presenting a very POSITIVE presentation to your sales team. Our presentations have greatly assisted these companies to internalise their results and thus focus their state and territory sales team.

Browse the different Services offered by Pulse Plus, to see the one relevant to your organisation and industry.